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Quick, easy, inexpensive resin molds from readily available cookie cutters! I got four nice-sized cookie cutters at my local Dollar Tree and wondered how they might perform as molds … If they worked, I thought, they’d be just {videoDescription}.25 each! Watch and see how to easily turn them into molds for ornaments, coaster, sun-catchers, and more!! Get tips for finishing off castings made in molds like these or others.

A tutorial on using alcohol inks in resin (like the star piece at the end) is coming up in a week or so! Stay tuned. 😊

To see products I use, love and recommend (and to see acrylic & resin pouring, as well as alcohol ink, products already grouped in one place from various Amazon vendors 😊) :

If you would like to help me buy supplies for these videos, here is a link: https://PayPal.me/MyriamsNature
I thank you in advance for wanting to keep this channel going. It means a lot to me.


Clearcast 7050 resin … Great price for a resin of this caliber… A 45 minute work time but only takes 8 hours for a touchable cure… Practically odor free, crystal clear, great protection against yellowing, and dries rock hard (it passes my fingernail test… No dents possible!) http://amzn.to/2y0giSe

Perfect Pearls mica powders: http://amzn.to/2xZSeyq and http://amzn.to/2xZM69u

Martha Stewart Glitter

Super sparkly white mica (larger particle size than Perfect Pearls): http://goo.gl/Ntgama


100 of my favorite 30 ml medicine cups: http://amzn.to/2yYE92E

Ziplock bags are available in just about any size you need… For this small test, I used 1″x2″ bags. Typical sizes are also 1.5×1.5″, 2×2″, 2×3″, 3×5″. If you need larger quantities, using a cup might be as easy or easier.

This was done using about about 25 ml of resin for the flower and 30 ml for the star.

DISCLOSURE : Links above, to Amazon products, help this channel by giving me a small commission when one is used to reach Amazon before any purchase. Your Amazon price remains exactly the same so using a link to get to Amazon is a kind way to show support. The commissions will help me buy supplies and keep videos coming! Thank you in advance for helping out and for watching these videos! May the paints and resin be kind, and may the pours be with you! 😊💕

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