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Pullman Honey White Bread Dough is soft with a fine crumb texture, and it has no crown or thick crust to cut off! Perfect for French Toast, Grilled Sandwiches, and even buttered with a bit of honey! It last about four to five days on the counter and up to 2 months in freezer. 13″ loaf makes more than a dozen sandwiches. I use the leftovers for croûtons and bread crumb; Store these in freezer as well. I hope you enjoy my personal recipe for this bread and PLEASE, give me credit if you use this recipe on your show. Thanks!

Now, in this video, I make up a recipe that made not only one 13″ loaf, but it made 10-11 cinnamon rolls as well! LOL!
Who doesn’t want yummy sandwich bread AND cinnamon rolls?!
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Blessings to all my Angels!
Janie & John
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Chef Janie’s Pullman 13″ Long HONEY WHITE BREAD recipe
(or will work for 2-9″ Pullman Pans)…this makes enough dough for a batch of cinnamon rolls as well with 1-13″ loaf as well..ENJOY!)

1-3/4 cups of Water (between 98*-110*F)
plus another 3/4 cup of water when mixing in last 2 cups of flour)
3 tsp. of Instant Yeast (Bread Yeast is the same)
(if using reg yeast let it proof with sugar for 5 minutes before proceeding.)
2 Tbsp of White Sugar
2 Tbsp of Brown Sugar
2 Tbsp of honey
2 Tbsp of favorite oil (I use veg oil)
6 cups 50/50 mix flour (1/2 bread flour & 1/2 All purpose flour)
2 tsp of salt
3 Tbsp of Instant Milk Powder (or Buttermilk powder)
4 Tbsp of Softened, Unsalted, Real Butter (add before last 2 cups of flour are added)

Mix above ingredients well, and add the additional 3/4 cup of warm water with the last 2 cups of flour; mix until you get a nice soft but a bit sticky dough; and when you get to this consistency, set mixer to low again, and knead in Mixer on low for 5 minutes; dough should be a bit sticky and pliable when pulled on.
Coat warm bowl with oil and turn dough in bowl to coat dough.
Let rise in warm place till doubled (about an hour).
Punch down dough lightly and then on floured surface, shape into rectangle and lenght of pan…roll up dough and pinch off seam and ends.
(…this dough needs to be cut down to fit even a 13″ Pullman Pan.)
Cut off 3/5 of the dough and save for rolls or a smaller bread pan.
Pinch off the cut end with a tuck and pinch method on ends of bread.
Place in lightly sprayed Pullman Pan and press in corners and make dough level and even in pan.
Spray top of dough with oil.
Cover with plastic and let raise in warm spot TILL ONLY 1/2″ from top of pan.
Slide gently, the oiled lid onto the Pullman Pan making sure not to deflate the dough.
Now, place this into a PREHEATED oven at 350* F for about 30 minutes. Take out of oven, slide off Pullman lid and put back in oven for an additional 5 minutes or till center of bread sounds hollow and light brown. Internal temp should read 190*F on an instant thermometer.
Remove. Brush top with real butter for a softer exterior when serving..take out of pan gently and set to cool on wire rack.
Brush sides and bottom with butter as well.

This recipe serves about 18 to 29 slices.
It can be kept on counter for up to 5 days, or frozen, sliced, with freezer paper between each slice for up to 2 months in sealed bag and foil wrapping the bag or plastic.

Enjoy your Pullman Sandwich Bread!
Blessings, Chef Janie Pendleton
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