Guess how much it costs to make bread machine bread?

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I make bread in my bread machines that I get dirt cheap at the thrift stores. You can make pretty good bread in them for about 58 cents. I show my recipe that works in all the machines I have used and break down the costs.

In the video, I forgot to add the yeast cost..The 1 pound of SAF yeast is with shipping on Amazon. 1.5 tsp yeast weighs 4.25 grams. There are 454 grams in a pound. Yeast cost a little over 8 cents, total price of loaf will be 58 cents, not 50.
I did not add the cost of electricity which should be very small.
Right now, there are some very expensive 0-0 bread machines for sale on eBay and amazon that look identical to the cheap – ones you find in the thrift stores. I will do a quick video later this week showing the high priced machines you can keep an eye out for and maybe you will get lucky at your thrift store.
I have about 200 videos on YouTube. They are homemade DIY gadget, and tightwad cooking, fishing, gardening, metal detecting, video making,prepping, and outdoor, and all sorts of other types of videos and I add more videos every week. Thanks for stopping by.

Ingredients for 1 loaf:
2 TBSP sugar, 1.5 TSP yeast,
1 cup warm water 110 F, 43 C,
3 cups flour ( 124 grams per cup),
1.5 TBSP oil, 1 TSP salt
add water, sugar and yeast, let sit 10 minutes
add remainder of ingredients

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