Holiday Gift Guide: The Coffee Scoop Wooden Spoon Handmade by Earlywood Scoops It Out in Style!

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If you’re looking for great holiday gift ideas, Earlywood wooden utensils have you covered. For the coffee connoisseur that has everything but wants to step up the quality of the experience, give them this coffee scoop alongside a bag of their favorite beans.The Earlywood coffee scoop is a wooden spoon that holds 3 tablespoons of whatever you want to put in it. They are perfect for scooping grounds or whole beans for your morning cup, but don’t let that make you think they can’t do more! Try one in a gravy bowl this Thanksgiving or leave one in your granola, rice or oatmeal and always have the right tool for the job when you need it. Leave it in your ground coffee and it will pick up a rich coffee-oil patina over years of use.

coffee/ dry goods scoop

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