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How to make French Press Coffee
Be your very own barista and make french press coffee at home! I’ll show you how to make a delicious full body tasting coffee in this video.

Using a french press is every bit as easy and fast as using a regular drip type coffee maker. You’ll also be able to tweak some variables to get the flavor perfect for you. You will be using whole beans and grind them yourself for the freshest tasting coffee.

Believe me, once you make coffee using a french press, you’ll be hooked!

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Tools I use and like:

Instant Read Thermometer

French Press Mini

stainless steel strainers 3 pc.


To make an individual serving as in the video:

French Press Coffee

3 Tbsp. of your favorite coffee beans
7 oz. water
Sugar, optional
Half and half organic cream, optional

Mini French Press
Wooden spoon
Tablespoon measuring spoon
Instant read thermometer
Sauce pan

Pour the water into a saucepan over low heat.

Grind 3 Tbsp. of your favorite coffee beans. I used Peet”s Coffee Cafe Domingo, medium roast whole beans.

Pulse the beans in the grinder several times and even tap the top of the grinder to move the grounds around. The goal is to get them evenly grounded up. You’re looking for something like coarse salt.

You can play around with how fine or coarse you want it.

Go check the temperature of your water with that thermometer. Don’t boil the water. If you do, just let it sit until the temperature drops to 190 or even a bit lower. This is another area to play around with.

My son brew’s his coffee around 150 degrees F and likes it that way. He does have to reheat it though after adding cream.

If you want to play around with lower temperatures like this, you might want to brew longer. Just experiment.

Pour the hot water into the french press and add the coffee. Stir with that wooden spoon for about 20 to 30 seconds and then place the press on top to keep the coffee as hot as possible.

Set your timer for 3 minutes or what ever time you want to experiment with.

At the end of three minutes, press the coffee slowly by pushing down on the lever.

Add sugar and creamer if you wish and serve!

Grind your own beans, try fine or more coarse
Heat your water somewhere between 150 – 195 degrees F.
Start by using a ratio of beans to water: 3 Tbsp. (before grinding) to 7 oz. water
Have fun experimenting!

I think the best coffee maker is the french press. Try it and let me know if you think so too.

Thanks for watching and sharing!
Rockin Robin
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