JHS Pedals Sweet Tea V3

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Welcome back to ProGuitarShop and ToneReport.com. Today, we’re sipping the Sweet Tea V3 from JHS Pedals. The Sweet Tea V3 is a potent mixture of complimentary dirt circuits that mix exceptionally with one another, covering all bases from light and chunky drive to tube-cooking distortion and everything in between. The Sweet Tea V3 is partitioned into two sides, with the right side featuring the Moonshine V2, a heady brew that puts a low-to-medium gain spring in your step. The Proof switch allows you go to from mild to wild with a single flick, and a new Blend control lets you dial in just how much dirt you want in the signal. The left side of the Sweet Tea V3 contains the Angry Charlie V3, a blistering medium-to-high gain approximation of a Marshall JCM800. This side features a full three-band equalizer section that lets you sculpt your gain just the way you want. Each circuit can be used individually and they’ve voiced to stack with each other. Using them together turns the Sweet Tea V3 into a dual-channel gain machine, with the second circuit used as a master volume for everything from a light crunch to blown-out sustain. The central toggle switch changes the order in which the two circuits appear, so you can use the Moonshine side to push the Angry Charlie and vice versa for a wide palette of gain flavors. And just like all JHS pedals, the Sweet Tea V3 is made right here in the USA.

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