AlmazanKitchen Knife – Homemade replica made from scratch

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So, here we are. I wanted to test the cheap chinese cleaver theory, to see if I could make myself a knife inspired by the famous channel that you all know. It seems to work quite well.

The cleaver that I used in the video is a Lipeide carbon steel chinese style chef’s knife. I bought it on aliexpress for about 38USD/32€, with free shipping.

I used a file, a wood rasp, some abrasive paper (different grits), a metal handsaw, and a backstand grinder to finish the blade shape (but you sure can use a file instead. It will be longer, and more tiring, but it will work).
All these modifications took me roughly one day and a half. I guess a more skilled guy can do that faster.

The final knife is 12″ long (30cm), with a blade just under 8″ (20cm). It weights 0.75lb (335g). Originally the cleaver was about 1.5oz heavier.

Note that I don’t want to shame or promote anyone in the “knife business”, in which there is a shitstorm lately. This vid was made as an experimentation. If you’re like me – not rich but tinkerer -, you don’t have to buy the final stuff, but build it yourself – using this knife to get a pretty similar result, a deng cleaver to match the most recent knife featured in the last AlmazanKitchen videos, or even another to get your own custom design. In fact it’s quite fun to do.

Uh, and sorry for this black frame. I’m a f*ckin noob. Durr.

Music used in video :

Madlib – Fallin’ (instrumental)
[bsd.u] – the G.O.D.
[bsd.u] – outro [ x rsnz ]
Merrie Melodies theme song

I don’t have any rights of these songs. They all belong to their owners.
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