The Ultimate Kitchen Knife

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You really seem to enjoy “The Ultimate Survival Knife and Spoon” Video with “MSK-1 knife”
So here are some more crazy Knife, but this time for your kitchen. Chef Knife to make beautiful food.

Bulat [00:02] :
Speciale [03:48] :
Skid [07:14] :

Choosing Kitchen Knife could be a hard task. Here are some of the most durable knife in the world to apply your chefs skill.
1. Bulat Knife : This is a very sharp Chef Knife with Olive Wood handle.Bulat Knife with thumb groove helps to provide better grip and precision cut.Bulat Knife sharpness also last longer than average kitchen knife

2. Speciale Knife : Speciale built-in damascus knife spins around Walnut cutting board thus making cutting very easy. It is a very big and sharp kitchen knife which cuts through any food like butter. Walnut cutting board with Damascus Knife will definitely make your kitchen look cool. This is one great cutting board for chef

3. SKID Knife : It is a Wooden Chef Knife made of 97% wood, 3% alloyed carbon steel. Every SKID Knife is hand made thus each of them is unique.

You can find these knife at kickstarter and indiegogo in link given above.

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