Speared Tuna! CATCH CLEAN COOK! Tasty Tuesday!

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nothing like getting into the water and hunting a specific fish! No bi-catch, no waste! Just awesome fun and fantastic fish!

The spear gun we were using is absolutely fantastic and I’ve gotta thank my buddy Josh Gregory over at Neptonics for turning me on to it! If you’re looking for any type of spearfishing or free diving gear, check them out! http://www.neptonicsystems.com/index.php

here’s a link to the shirts and Hats I’ve been wearing. really cool stuff! http://www.outdoorrepublic.net

to do a good job filleting a fish, you need a good knife that’s very sharp! here’s a link to mine. https://silverstag.com/Deer_Meat_For_Dinner/DMFD_Bone_and_Fillet

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