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Item #1526

Make spritz cookies with a simple twisting motion, so cookies are evenly sized every time. Great for ricing potatoes and making homemade cheese crisps, too.
Product details
Capacity: 2-cup (500 mL) barrel.
Includes 9 disks with holiday and seasonal designs, plus potato ricer disk.
Make 2½ to 4 dozen cookies per barrel fill.
Medium Scoop is the perfect size for filling the barrel.
1-year guarantee.

Our Cookie Press is so easy to use, because you twist the handle to dispense exactly the same amount of dough every time. Spritz cookies have so much butter in them, it’s important that they’re all the same size so you don’t have little burned ones and big underbaked ones in the same batch. This twist press is so much easier to control than the squeeze-trigger kind you see everywhere! It has nine different holiday and year-round disk designs for cookies, and a ricer disk for potatoes. The barrel is clear so you can see how much dough is left. You just place the end of the press on the baking sheet – the feet raise the disk end to the right height for a perfect portion of cookie dough – and twist until the right amount of dough comes out.

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