Phillip Schofield left HORRIFIED after being covered in slime: ‘My idea of absolute hell’

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Phillip Schofield left HORRIFIED after being covered in slime: ‘My idea of absolute hell’

THIS MORNING presenter Phillip Schofield was left absolutely horrified today after being forced to create slime.

This Morning’s Phillip Schofield, 55, and Holly Willoughby, 36, were shown how to create the sticky residue, with help from guest Juliet.

The presenters were given an example of finished slime, which Phillip did not like the texture of: “You’re not so keen are you?” Holly asked.

“I just don’t like stuff that stays on my hands,” Phillip replied. “I can feel it!”

“I can feel it on my hands!” he reiterated on the live ITV show.

Phillip also commented that: “There’s some that you can get glitter in and that’s my idea of absolute hell.”

Holly and Juliet demonstrated the elasticity of the finished product by stretching it out and creating a makeshift parachute with it, impressing Phillip.

“All right, I’m actually quite impressed now.”

Despite his initial protests, Phillip stood at his slime-making station and began creating his very own.

Beginning the concoction with a bowl and a spatula, Phillip seemed to quickly settle into the baking aspect of the activity.

However it quickly went awry.

Once the slime gained malleability Phillip put his hands in the bowl and begin forming the shape of the substance.

But he quickly realised it wasn’t quite ready when his hand became covered in the elastic goop.

Screaming in horror at the substance now covering his hand, Juliet ran over to save him by adding more solution to the mixture.

“You don’t like it do you,” she commented laughing. Horrified, Phillip continued to craft his slime.

Once completed, he ended up enjoying the experience.

“What do you think about it now?” Juliet asked.

“Really rather well, as a matter of fact,” he replied, beaming.

“Oh the dredges just said that’s the best one,” Phillip added, pointing off set.

“Which one?” asked Holly.

“Mine,” he replied, smiling again.

This Morning: Phillip was horrified by what he had made,
This Morning: Phillip hated dealing with the slime,
This Morning: Holly demonstrated the elasticity of the slime,
This Morning: Phillip and Holly were happy with their results,

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