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Greetings! Today I am sharing with you, great information on how you can get a really great pizza stone for your home oven without spending a fortune! I have a couple of great pizza stones that I have had for many years. They are well used and show their badges with honor. Many a lovely homemade pizza and artisan bread has come off those stones. They hold a special place among my kitchen tools.

The pizza stones, though useful and worn, are both awkward and small. I am limited in the size of my pizzas as well as the shape and amount of the bread that I can bake on them at any given time. They were an investment for certain and I will still use them, however, I got to thinking that there must be a better, more affordable way to have a pizza stone in my oven that I could use to bake larger pizzas, focaccia, long loves of artisan bread and even long enough to make baguette!

After much research I found that I could most likely find larger tiles of natural porus stone in my local home improvement center. It was true! The recommended stone is either Travertine or Santilla Tiles which can be found in the tile flooring section of your store or, in some cases in the garden section with the pavers. The paver style stones will be much thicker and if that is all you can find, then that may be what you must use, should you choose to do this, however I do recommend the thinner 1/2 tiles because they will take less time to heat and be less weight on your oven rack.

The stone I purchased was an 18 inch square and fit perfectly in my oven and is currently living in there, centered on the lower rack as a permanent fixture. I won’t be removing it and have successfully just thrown baking sheets on top of it with no problem. The stone stays! I love it!

There are a couple of benefits aside from the stone making great crusty pizza and artisan bread. You will notice that if you have a problem with your oven being off as far as the temperature either being too high, or too low, that throwing a mass, such as the pizza stone in there may help the oven to regulate itself, thus helping the thermostat be more stable and true. Secondly, the oven will actually use less energy because the stone retains so much heat, the oven will not have to cycle so often to help the oven maintain it’s temperature. This is a win, win in my book because for very little money you are getting more beneficial use from your appliance. You are going to save money in the long run and you are going to have a more efficient appliance to boot!

I paid around for my tile. You will want to make sure you measure your oven from side to side and from front to back, the rack is a good indicator as to how deep the oven is for a measurement. Measure the rack to be sure you have the right size. Most home improvement centers have the ability to cut the tile for you if you need an adjusted size, be warned, though they do require the customer to measure the tile before they cut it and you will have to pay for it even if it is cut incorrectly, so be sure your measurements are correct!

I hope that this inspires you to get yourself a fabulous, inexpensive pizza stone for your home oven. When you use it, be sure to pre heat for an hour at 400 degrees for pizza and for bread pre heat for the same amount of time at the recommended temperature for the recipe!

I hope you try this and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

This is the tile I purchased

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