Review of BangRui Automatic Can Opener

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I purchased this can opener to replace the One Touch Can Opener that I purchased in 2012 here on Amazon.

I was drawn to this particular can opener because of the shape, it reminded me of a computer mouse. I also like that it is colorful.This can opener is perfect for someone who doesn’t have a lot of hand strength. I can’t open a can with a standard can opener because I have trouble turning the knob while keeping it closed because of arthritis. The Bangrui can opener simply lies on the top of the can. You don’t have to align it or anything. I literally laid it on the top of the cans and pushed the button. Within 10 seconds, the can was open! If you haven’t used a can opener like this before, it will sound strange or as if it’s struggling.

I am not pleased that it takes four AA alkaline batteries. Most can openers like this only seem to take 2. It took me several weeks to remember to purchase the AA alkaline batters because we seemed to have the rechargeable batteries in our home. Putting the batteries in the can opener is super simple, you literally “pop” the top off of the can opener and put the batteries in the base then snap the top back on! I was ready to use the can opener within a minute after I finally bought the freakin’ batteries. #canopener

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