How to Make KitKat Skittles OREO Vending Machine

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How to Make KitKat Skittles OREO Vending Machine at home from cardboard. You can learn to make it by watching this video. Thank you for watching!! Please subscribe to get more interesting videos:

– Cardboard
– Mini servo motors
– Battery, battery connector wire, battery spring
– Iron wire, led, wire
– Plastic book cover
– Magnet
– Ice-cream sticks
– Plate of battery cover and coca-cola can

Cardboard Measurement:
(cm = centimeter)

2cm x 4cm = 2 pieces
3cm x 4cm = 2 pieces
3cm x 7cm = 1 piece
7cm x 16,5cm = 1 piece
9cm x 31cm = 1 piece
15cm x 16,5cm = 1 piece
17cm x 24cm = 1 piece
17cm x 25cm = 1 piece
20cm x 31cm = 1 piece
23cm x 31cm = 2 pieces
24cm x 26cm = 2 pieces
26cm x 31cm = 1 piece

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